Puedo hablar…

Oh, if Miss Felice could see me now. High school Spanish. Four years. A foreign language was required for college, and I loved Spanish. I never dreamed I’d be speaking it on a daily basis. There have been nights at work when that is the only language I speak.

A Spoonful of Sugar

If you want to make a nurse crazy, compare the inpatient hospital experience to that of a Disney customer. Okay, maybe it’s just me. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t take my clothes off for Star Tours, I don’t whisper my medical history to Cinderella in Fantasyland, nor am I probed and […]

Mixed Message?

“Emergency, may I help you?” “Uh, yeah, are you guys really busy? Can you tell me how long the wait is?” If I am the one who takes the call, before I even address the question, I ask what the problem is. You don’t want someone with chest pain making an ER decision based on […]


“I have got to come over and teach you ladies a thing or two!” She was 25, had been a registered nurse for three years and now sat perched across the table eyeballing us over a Coke. I glanced at the woman sitting next to me and raised an eyebrow. My colleague had been a […]

No Angel

I am no angel. I was not educated by angels, I do not work alongside angels and I do not report to angels. Stop referring to me as an angel of mercy. I’m not an angel. I am a professional registered nurse.

What About the Rest of Us?

When in doubt, go to the source. Everyone is talking about the IOM/RWJF Future of Nursing (FON) report. Has anyone actually read it? I just downloaded it as a PDF and opened it on my iPad – 702 pages. Whoa. The things I do for my profession, seriously.

Turf Wars

The doctors are angry. Let me rephrase that. The medical doctors are angry. Not all of them, a couple of groups have been very vocal about nurses earning their doctorates, and using the title of “Doctor” in their practice. Why, the public might be confused! I tend to give the public a little more credit […]


Ever get the feeling the universe  is trying to tell you something? Seriously. Everywhere I turn, there are the articles on the state of nursing education and the dearth of nurse educators. Now, I really don’t want to be a nurse educator, really I don’t. So why am I drawn to these articles?  Well, these […]

Clinical Experience Before An APN program?

A year of experience. That’s what you needed. If you wanted to work in intensive care, you should have a year of experience. ER? A year of experience.  A job in home health? A year of experience preferred. What was so magical about a year? And where were you supposed to get that year of […]

When You Need It Most

It seems so obvious! “…among the common elements of successful transitional care programs is the use of nurses, often master’s prepared, who work with patients, family caregivers and health teams to prevent medical errors and assure continuity of care as patients navigate a very fragmented care system.” The quote is from Reducing Revolving Door Hospital […]