5 Tips for Communicating With Doctors

Communication is the cornerstone of patient care. We communicate continually with patients, nursing colleagues, other healthcare providers. We communicate verbally, through body language, on paper, by computer, or through text messages and email. Of all nursing communications, those with physicians can be the most important, and the most problematic, because physicians are often off-site, depending […]

How To Stay Cool in the Heat of Social Media

Staying cool. Easy to do in the dead of winter, but not always so easy to do when interacting in the world of social media. Like interactions in real life, social media interactions are spontaneous and off-the-cuff.  And, like in-person interactions, they can also be contentious. Social media interactions differ, however,  in that they are […]

Talking MSN with Jennifer Scott: FNP Practice

When looking at the commitment involved in earning an MSN, it’s nice to talk to nurses who have “been there, done that.” Part two of my interview with family nurse practitioner Jennifer Scott looks at her practice, the impact of health care reform and her views on the DNP for advanced practice nursing. You can […]

Talking MSN with Jennifer Scott: What You Need To Know

It’s time for another edition of “Talking MSN”! This time, we’re talking with fellow blogger and family nurse practitioner Jennifer Scott. Jennifer blogs about her life as a family nurse practitioner at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place. Today, she provides primary care in a rural health clinic. In Part One of our interview, I asked Jennifer […]

The Three B’s of Nursing: Take Another Look

Ah, the Three B’s of Nursing. I’d been a nurse for 25 years before I heard that term, and I heard it from my nurse manager. The “Three B’s of Nursing” are (a) bitching, (b) bickering and (c) backbiting. Yikes. Not a very attractive portrait of the profession, is it?

Nursing on the Web: Two Sites You Need To Bookmark

I just realized something… These last few posts, I’ve sort of been counting down “my favorite things.” Maybe I should sing like Julie Andrews! Or not… Well, these aren’t exactly “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”, but they are my two main nursing causes!

Apple A Day: 4 iPhone Apps for the iNurse in You!

I am an Apple fanatic. We’re talking worshiping at the altar of the Macintosh. I’m typing on a MacBookPro, following Twitter on my iPad and waiting for a call on my iPhone 4S. If I was rich, I’d buy any of the vintage Macs on eBay right now. Yeah, it’s that bad. So it isn’t […]

Nursing School: Study Tips to Keep You Organized

Organized chaos. I use that term to define emergency nursing, but I can tell you that “organized chaos” is not conducive to a good study environment. Going back to school, particularly if you are juggling work and a family requires a masterful level of organization. Online courses in particular require continuous self-motivation. So, how do […]

Health Care Reform: 5 Sources to Keep You Up-To-Date

It’s enough to make your head spin. Staying current in nursing and health care is important, but these days it takes more than just perusing a journal or the occasional CE class. Between increasingly sophisticated technology and the advent of health care reform, changes are coming so fast and frequently, daily vigilance is required to […]

3 Bad Habits Nursing Students Should Break

Ah, nursing school. So much studying. The harder you work, the more there is to know. Let’s be honest. Nursing is the hardest job you will ever love, and getting there is no cake walk.  Trying to accomplish everything isn’t easy; sometimes a bad habit or two makes its way into the picture. Here are […]