Is Nursing Still A Good Career Choice?

When I was in high school there weren’t many professional career choices for women. So I went into nursing partly out of desire and partly out of default. Now, there are many more professional careers for women. So why would a man or woman choose to become a nurse now?

Nurse Leaders: Step Up

Congratulations to the graduating nursing classes of 2012! I wondered what the job market would be like for my new colleagues, so I started looking at the openings for registered nurses on the west coast. Three metropolitan areas: Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. There are a lot of nurses needed! Emergency, labor and delivery, peri-operative, […]

Talking MSN with Jennifer Scott: FNP Practice

When looking at the commitment involved in earning an MSN, it’s nice to talk to nurses who have “been there, done that.” Part two of my interview with family nurse practitioner Jennifer Scott looks at her practice, the impact of health care reform and her views on the DNP for advanced practice nursing. You can […]

Talking MSN with Jennifer Scott: What You Need To Know

It’s time for another edition of “Talking MSN”! This time, we’re talking with fellow blogger and family nurse practitioner Jennifer Scott. Jennifer blogs about her life as a family nurse practitioner at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place. Today, she provides primary care in a rural health clinic. In Part One of our interview, I asked Jennifer […]

Friends in High Places

I will admit it. Any time I see anything to do with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), I wince. CMS pours forth policies, programs and regulations pertaining to patient care. Hospitals implement them (or they don’t get paid). It always means additional work and an ungodly amount of additional documentation. Translation: when […]

What About the Rest of Us?

When in doubt, go to the source. Everyone is talking about the IOM/RWJF Future of Nursing (FON) report. Has anyone actually read it? I just downloaded it as a PDF and opened it on my iPad – 702 pages. Whoa. The things I do for my profession, seriously.


Imagine a charter high school with a nursing focus. It actually exists! The Rhode Island Nurses Institute Middle College Charter opened this month in Providence with 130 students. I wasn’t familiar with the concept of “middle college”, but it’s a unique idea. It’s high school, beginning in the 10th grade and blending into a 13th […]

Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

“We don’t need no education.” Where did that come from? I don’t usually channel Pink Floyd while blogging. Maybe my subconscious is kicking in; I’ve been reading articles on nursing education and feeling  guilty that I changed my role-option from that of nurse educator. Originally, that is what I wanted to do with my MSN.Then, […]

Role Options – What Do You Want To Do With Your Career?

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? Odd question to be asking yourself 32 years into your career, isn’t it? I just couldn’t think of any other way to phrase it. There I sat, BSN in hand, staring at the myriad of options available to me in MSN programs. The list […]

The MSN: Why Do You Want This?

Can we talk frankly here? Why do you want this degree? The MSN represents a multi-thousand dollar investment. Most will go into debt to achieve it; student loans, lines of equity. This is money that must be paid back whether or not you complete the degree. It’s a serious investment of time and money, so […]