RN Resources Part 2: 30 Useful iPad Apps for Weight Loss

Many nurses spend time counseling patients on healthy eating habits and physical fitness. Bariatric nurses and nurse practitioners work especially close with their patients to help them get fit and improve their eating habits. Thanks to handy tools like the iPad, nurses can advise weight-strugglers to monitor their diet and exercise with a little guidance from technology. The following health and fitness apps are sure to keep fitness newbies on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss iPad Apps for Fitness

  1. Pocket Yoga: Pocket Yoga is just that – yoga classes you can take anywhere! This brilliant app is a must-have for those who need low impact exercises to get moving down the fitness road. The user-friendly app has graphics with modified poses for beginners.
  2. Navy Seal Fitness: If you’re ready to go into weight loss guns blazing, there’s no better way than with the Navy Seal Fitness app. For those looking to learn about getting their body in tip-top shape and keeping it there, this is the ideal guide to learn new exercises that have stood the test of time. This is also a great app to check out if you feel you’re weight loss has hit a plateau.
  3. 1000 Exercises: Brought to you by the folks who create Men’s Health every month, this app is stacked with 1000 exercises, which means boredom is never a problem. Whether you’re a gym rat or love to take your workouts to the great outdoors, there are moves in here to zone in on trouble areas and keep your body guessing about what comes next.
  4. Island Cardio: Just the name sounds like a good time! Let loose with the fun dance workout that incorporates traditional Tahitian dance moves. This is a great app for beginners or those looking to shake up their workout routine with something lighthearted and enjoyable. The tropical scenery is also fantastic for dreary days when your workout has to stay indoors.
  5. StepTrackLite: A pedometer is an essential tool for those starting to get fit. Talk with your doctor about the number you should aim for each day and try to improve it by 200 every other day. Eventually, you should be able to walk further distances in shorter amounts of time without getting winded. Even brisk walking can get your heart rate up, so if you’re intimidated by the gym, don’t be afraid to go for a quick walk to get your body in motion.
  6. Hundred Pushups: One of the quickest ways to lose weight is to increase muscle mass and up your strength. The Hundred Pushups app has spawned YouTube videos, blogs and Twitter groups all looking to get in shape and reach their goal of a hundred pushups in a row. Trust us, it’s far harder than it sounds.
  7. C25K (Couch to 5K): If you’re looking to commit, lose the weight and get in shape, this app was made for you. You don’t have to run a 5K when it’s all said and done, but you will shed pounds, gain strength and have a handle on a lifestyle that will improve your health and quality of life .
  8. iPump Stretch: If you’ve never worked out, you may underestimate the importance of stretching. Your flexibility plays a role in how your body performs when working out and how muscles recover. The more flexible you are, the better. This app has various stretches and stretch exercises, which are perfect for beginners who need a low impact workout that gets the blood flowing without any drastic movements.
  9. iMapMyRun: If you’re going for a hike and decide to tote your iPad along, set this app and take off to see how far you travel and how fast you get there. There’s also a Twitter interface for letting family and friends know where you are and what you’re up to, you know, if you’re into that. It also maps your distance, allowing you to see how long you traveled so you can up your game the next time you’re out.
  10. Simply Guided Meditation: When you’re tired and stressed out, your body retains fluid. Kick that like a bad habit by incorporating simple, basic meditation. These guided meditations are ideal for beginners and will help you gain a few moments of peace in a hectic day, which will be beneficial to your weight loss goals.

Weight Loss iPad Apps for Healthy Eating

  1. Calorie Counter by Fat Secret: Get ready to be wowed by this amazing weight loss app. Search major brands when at the grocery store and check out info on calories at your favorite chain restaurant (scary!). Other components to this app include an exercise and food diary for logging your activity.
  2. Lose It!: Lose It! allows you to look at weight loss like a financial plan. You have a budget (i.e. set number of calories) to work with each day and slowly deduct from it throughout the day, come long commutes or late meetings. This is the perfect app for those with a busy lifestyle because you see how much you’re deducting from your “budget” with every bite.
  3. Weight Advisor: When it comes to dieting, there’s a such thing as eating too little. This can often make your body go into starvation mode, holding onto fat because it isn’t sure when it will be fed adequately again. Weight Advisor lets you see how many calories are right for you initial weight and keeps you moving steadily towards your goal weight without going hungry.
  4. 40–30 –30: A favorite for dieters who are on The Zone, this app divides meal portions into 40–30–30, giving you the percentage of protein, carbohydrates and fat in any given meal. Even if you aren’t on The Zone and have no desire to sit and do mental math while eating a meal, this app is helpful for getting a handle on portion control.
  5. Let’s Lose Weight Naturally: This app is ideal for those who need to learn the basics of healthy eating. In the U.S., many don’t know where to begin when it comes to making the proper food choices or how much water should be consumed. Learn why to avoid sugary snacks and processed foods. While the packaging might be luring, we assure you, the ingredients and facts won’t be.
  6. iCalCalc: If you aren’t looking for a tedious app that explains why a raw apple with skin doesn’t fit into your diet, check out this app. Simply select the food you’re eating from a list of “normal” foods and it projects the calorie count of the meal and how it fits into your current meal plan. This app is a wise choice for those starting a moderate diet.
  7. Nutrition Complete: Almost 10,000 food items are listed in this app, which helps you track what you eat, no matter where you are. Essentially, it creates a Nutrition Facts label for each item you enter, which is helpful for travelers where these labels aren’t required by the government.
  8. Blender Large: Healthy eating means getting friendly with your blender. If you aren’t already aware, smoothies are a great way to improve your health because they allow you to get the necessary fruits and vegetables most of us find so delectable on their own. You’ll be surprised at the delicious combinations this app has with 120 smoothie recipes, it’s a go-to for health nuts and those looking for recipes for a quick and easy snack.
  9. Healthy Recipes By SparkRecipes: One of the easiest ways to watch what goes into your body? Cook it yourself! If you’re serious about losing weight, you better get serious about cooking and this app has a plethora of healthy recipes to satisfy the pickiest eaters. You can also browse by ingredient, so if the only vegetable your husband will eat is asparagus, you can whip it up in various meals.
  10. Restaurant Calorie Counter: When you’re at a restaurant, you can plug in an entree or search the app’s database for many fast food and chain restaurants to get a calorie count of what looks tasty. Warning! This weight loss app may come in very handy and result in you eating at home and eating nutritious food of actual worth more often.

Weight Loss iPad Apps for Improving and Tracking Your Health

  1. Calorie Tracker: In conjunction with Livestrong.com, a site with everything you need to know about a healthy lifestyle, this iPad app ties together your fitness routine and your calorie consumption, giving you a solid idea of how much is going in and how much is going out. Learn this rule in weight loss and you’ll be well on your way to tightening your belt within a few weeks.
  2. HeartWise Blood Pressure Tracker: Track your blood pressure and watch it come down as you lose weight and get in shape. HeartWise gives you your blood pressure, resting heart rate and current weight. Record it and be ready go gloat next time you visit your doctor’s office.
  3. Burn and Eat: Learn how many calories you expend when working out or playing sports (even every day activities like running to catch the bus) in order to learn how many calories you can consume to come out ahead and lose the weight. This is a smart app for those with an active lifestyle outside of direct exercise, i.e. playing on a company softball team or going for daily walks with Fido.
  4. Health and Diet Tracker: If your lifestyle is go, go, go, you probably aren’t in the market for a complex app with loads of features. Keep it simple with the Health and Diet Tracker, which provides graphs for your progress in the three sections that matter most – weight loss, calories and exercise. There’s even a graph for sleep, which allows you to see how it plays a role in weight loss.
  5. Heart Rate by LogYourRun: You could rely on sweating or the feeling that your heart is about to beat out of your chest, but you don’t have to thanks to Heart Rate by LogYourRun. This convenient, user-friendly app keeps you abreast of where your heart rate is and where it needs to be in order to burn fat.
  6. 2Fat: Gauge your BMI and watch it improve as you lose weight and gain muscle mass when getting in shape. This is a smart tool to have in a household where the entire family is looking to overhaul their lifestyle and get healthy. BMI results can be a great motivator to making healthy lifestyle changes for the long run.
  7. iFitness: This app gives simple instructions on beginner and intermediate workouts and tells you how to improve your form and technique, which is crucial to getting results when weight training. The 300 exercises use simple equipment such as free weights or cables and several are designed to utilize your own body weight. You can also track your progress, which makes iFitness handy as it tackles two birds with one app.
  8. Weber’s on the Grill: Get comfortable with the grill to lose weight and keep the food tasty. Even vegetarians will appreciate the way a good old-fashioned grill gives a delicious smoky flavor to hearty vegetables like eggplant and mushrooms. Remember to stay away from fatty meats like sausage, but play with interesting spices to give new life to lean meats like chicken and pork.
  9. Locavore: Losing weight means getting rid of the processed junk you’re accustomed to and introducing a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Locavore allows you to find a farmer’s market near you to shop local and seasonal. This gives you a better quality of food which is easier on your digestive system and in turn, creates a healthier you.
  10. Diet & Food Tracker: With over 1 million foods in its database, Diet & Food Tracker will be your guide to making healthy choices wherever your travels take you. The all-in-one system tracks your calories and fitness regimen, and gives you updates of the day’s progress.