Bullet Journaling and Nursing School

Some of you may have heard of bullet journaling and some of you may have not heard about it. I sure wish it was around as a concept when I was going through nursing school. I always felt frazzled struggling to keep up and hoping that I hadn’t drop the ball on one or more classes. If you feel like this bullet journaling may be just what you need.

Bullet journaling is a to-do list, calendar, and notes all in one notebook. You can add more items of topics if you like. One of the great benefits is that it is all in one place. You can keep every subject you are currently studying in one notebook. You simply have an index page at the beginning and you add a page number whenever you add information. You might have psychiatric nursing notes on page 9, 14-16, and 20. So that’s what would be in your index: psychiatric nursing 9, 14 – 16, 20. You would probably also have a calendar page which would include your school, work, and personal/social appointments. You could have important due dates for classes on your calendar and on your weekly pages.

You can also use your bullet journal as a brief diary to note significant events. Rapid logging is referred to as the language of bullet journaling. You can break away from writing in sentences and paragraphs. You simply jot down quick concepts, ideas, or events.

Bullet journals are a tool to help simplify your life. You have one place to keep everything and a way to stay on top of important tasks and events.
Don’t worry if you find that when you first start using your bullet journal that you decide you want to change parts of it. Go ahead, change them. It’s your tool. I will include some resources for you, but don’t worry about coping them exactly. They are simply guidelines. Make your journal your own personal system.

Some of the basic logs you will probably include will be: the index page, the future log, the monthly log, the weekly log, and the daily log. From there you can make it up as you go along. Some people like to include collections such as books they would like to read or trips they would like to take. Others add embellishments to their journal. Lots of people use them for meal planning, but I have a different system I use for that. I do like to keep track of future blog ideas in my journal.

So if you are looking for a way to be more productive while in nursing school consider using a bullet journal.

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