MSN: Nursing Informatics Degree Programs

Health informatics concerns the confluence of computer science, information science, and healthcare. While this can be applied to areas of biomedical research, clinical care, dentistry, public health, and more, nursing informatics specifically focuses on how nurses can utilize this discipline in their professions. Nursing informaticists are typically advanced practice registered nurses with a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing, who have expertise in both nursing and information science/data management. An informatics professional may also be a member of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA).

How to Become a Nurse Informaticist

To become a nurse informaticist, students typically complete the following steps:

  1. Complete an Associate’s Degree in Nursing or a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program
  2. Earn a Registered Nurse Certification
  3. Meet the professional experience conditions
  4. Enroll and complete an MSN degree in Nursing Informatics

Nurse Informaticist Salary and Career Information

The expected salary, career growth, and work environment for a nurse informaticist might include:

  • According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salary for an RN in 2012 was $65,470. Nurses with a specialty generally earn higher wages than the average.
  • Job Prospects: Very good to excellent
  • Job Setting: Private practices, nursing homes, hospitals, public health organizations, insurance companies, home health care agencies

Nurse Informaticist Qualifications

To become a nurse informaticist, students are typically required to meet the following job qualifications:

  • Professional experience in training and education of staff in a medical setting
  • Advanced computer skills using various applications such as word processing, presentation, and online database systems

Nurse Informaticist Job Description

A nurse informaticist is typically responsible for the following job duties:

  • Write or modify computer programs for use by nurses and other medical care providers
  • Identify computer system needs or assist in the training and implementation of those systems
  • Consult with vendor representatives to find the most up-to-date technology for patient recording keeping

MSN Degrees for Aspiring Medical & Nursing Informaticists