RN Resources Part 1: 50 Helpful Blogs to Prepare for Baby’s First Year

Mid-wives and expectant mothers are always on the hunt for helpful resources when it comes to preparing for a new baby. Nurses must counsel patients on newborn care, feeding, and what to expect during the postpartum period. However, when a medical professional cannot respond immediately to questions, accessing information online can be helpful. The blogs listed below provide links to more than enough information for moms-to-be. Mid-wives might also find them useful as they guide new mothers through the process of bonding.

Pregnancy Blogs to Prepare for Baby’s First Year

  1. Pregnancy and Childbirth: Robin Elise Weiss is a childbirth and postpartum educator, certified doula, and lactation counselor. She and her husband have eight children, so this blog stands out for the view of someone who has a beyond Von Trapp size family. Must reads on the blog include “Girl or Boy?” and a pregnancy calendar, as well as many videos on the topic.
  2. Belly Itch: How can an attorney, radio show host, and so much more still find time to blog? Only JJ knows for sure, but her blog dedicated to all things pregnancy is definitely worth more than a passing glance. Another great feature is that she often features real mothers and what has worked for them.
  3. A Little Pregnant: Beyond just a blog title, Julie explains how you can be just a little pregnant. The blog is full of “madcap misadventures in infertility, pregnancy, and parenthood.” She also answers many questions on topics such as infertility and IVF.
  4. Pregnancy Health Examiner: Jasmine Jafferali is a maternal, child, and family health educator. She works as a consultant who helps women, moms, children, and families achieve healthier lifestyles. Her blog takes on the many traditional aspects of pregnancy from an expert such as labor pains and bed rest.
  5. Expecting Words: Authored by Laurie Puhn, she is a relationship communications expert, among many other things. Her book “Fight Less, Love More” is intended to help parents and couples come together.
  6. His Boys Can Swim: Not as suggestive as the title implies, this blog chronicles a husband’s and wife’s journey after the plus sign. The blog is a good choice for showing both the mom and dad sides of pregnancy. A recent entry was on being “that mom.”
  7. Baby Makin(g) Machine: The BMM delivers news on air in Texas when she is not fulfilling her dreams of becoming a domestic diva. Get tips for pregnancy and pre-baby, as well as categories such as He Says/ She Says. One of the most current posts was on timing.
  8. Ask the Labor Nurse: Because few people have the experiences to draw on that labor nurses do, there is this blog. Jeanne Faulkner answers reader’s questions on labor and delivery as someone who has been there before. Some of the more recent are on epidurals, due dates, and needle pokes during pregnancy.

Professional Blogs to Prepare for Baby’s First Year

  1. Baby Shrink: If animals can have their own shrinks or “whisperers,” why can’t babies? Dr. Heather is a mother of four and specializes in psychology for babies and children through age seven. With a tagline of “what’s going on inside that cute little head?” the answer is a must read.
  2. Baby Parenting: After enjoying a fruitful career as a babysitter, Stephanie Brown began a career at an accredited child care center before giving birth to her own son. With a specialty of babies and toddlers, she is working on a college degree. Topics range from play and learn to parenting help and advice.
  3. Child in Mind: Claudia Gold is a pediatrician, writer, and currently a fellow in the UMass Boston Infant Parent Mental Health Post Graduate. Her blog is intended for a wide audience, including those interested in behavioral pediatrics practice. Sample topics on the blog include early relationships, brain development, and psychiatric disorders.
  4. The Thoughtful Parent: Visit here for the blog of a new mother with a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences. Amy Webb began this blog when she realized there was not enough research-based parenting information that was easy to understand. She often features graduate-level information in a less-intimidating format.
  5. Momo Fali: It is difficult enough to parent when the child is healthy, but what about when things go wrong? This blogger knows all about it after being mother to two premature children with loads of health problems. Read more about this special type of parenting by clicking here.
  6. Momma Data: Get more than just children’s health news on this blog. Polly Palumbo is a psychologist and mother of three who always keeps on top of the latest studies. She shares them here along with her expert opinion.
  7. Motherlode: Lisa Belkin is a long time contributor to “The New York Times.” In this blog, she features adventures in parenting with topics on life, work, families, and parenting. You can also get loads of other parenting news here.
  8. Zero to Three: The National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families specializes in children from newborns to three year olds. Authored by Matthew Melmed and Cheryl Polk, the blog has loads of tips for expecting parents. There are also entries on public policy and parenting.

Mom Blogs to Prepare for Baby’s First Year

  1. The Bad Moms: Anyone can say “I’m a good mom,” but it takes a special brand of blog to break the stereotype and get real. Catherine Connors and gang celebrate their badness and include many topics such as attachment vs. free range parenting. The blog also has a Bad 101 section, as well as entries on judgment, rants, and even confessions.
  2. Mon Petit Amour: Morgan describes herself as a “little bit hip and trendy.” She began this blog in 2009 to chronicle her adventures as a new mother and still finds inspiring things to write about. She also has product reviews and giveaways essential to other mothers.
  3. Nine Months to Life: She is a 24 year old college graduate trying to grapple with being a mother. The blog is a chronicle of the ups and downs for a new mother who wasn’t planning on becoming one. She recently bought a home and blogs all about it.
  4. Good Mom/ Bad Mom: Click here for a dual blog covering both aspects of motherhood. Jenny Lawson and Mindy Sterba have had the burden of both labels and specialize in parenting outside the box. Also a good stop for parents of little angels or devils.
  5. The Artful Parent: Jean is a mother of two with an admirable appreciation for the arts. She uses the blog to chronicle her attempts to parent in way that encourages creative expression and imagination. Stop by for arts and crafts ideas and much more.
  6. Minneapolis Motherhood Examiner: As a child, Angela Ernst helped raised her six brothers and sisters. Using that experience, she is now a mother to a child of her own. Visit her blog for items such as how to avoid germs and deal with a screaming child in public.
  7. Kimchi Mamas: Visit here for a group blog of women mothering Korean American kids. You don’t have to be of this nationality to enjoy the practical and often outside the box tips of these women. Tips include product recommendations and loads of open threads.
  8. Diary of a New Mom: Go from bump to birth and beyond on this blog. She started writing in 2005 has been going strong for many years with two children. Popular posts include “Babies Around the World” and “How Does She Do It?”
  9. The New Mom: This blog is authored by Rebecca Odes and Ceridwen Morris. Between the two of them, they have been in various stages of pregnancy, post-partum, and/or breastfeeding for over five years. You can also learn more about the book “From the Hips.”

Postpartum Blogs to Prepare for Baby’s First Year

  1. Postpartum Progress: Katherine Stone is the founder and editor of Postpartum Progress. It is one of the most comprehensive and accessible sources of information available on perinatal mental illness for pregnant women and new mothers. With over 500,000 women helped, you too can be one of them with a read of the blog. Be sure not to miss Six Things with more.
  2. PPD Survivor: Click here for the blog by a mother of four who survived PPD and now speaks out to spread awareness. Kristin includes must read entries such as “Hear How I Prevented PPD From Striking Twice.” She also includes loads of other resources on PPD.
  3. Musings, Musings, Musings: This is a blog about PTSD, prenatal, and postpartum depression. The Muser also writes about healing, motherhood, spirituality, theology, pop culture, and more. Popular posts include anti-feminism and joy.
  4. Beyond Postpartum: Amber Koter-Puline is a peer support provider, postpartum advocate, and mother interested in helping new moms. From Atlanta, she shares thoughts on PPD in the news, as well as in her own life. A recent entry was on what she learned from postpartum depression.
  5. Ivy’s PPD Blog: Six weeks after having her daughter, Ivy experienced postpartum depression. With the help of a prescription and some well utilized passion, she was able to get through it and shares her experiences here. Popular posts include how baby blues are not PPD and instant cure scams.
  6. Mood Disordered Mama:
    Carrie is your MDM and was diagnosed with both OCD and GAD during a postpartum period. She has been dealing with all of it since age ten and felt its full effects when she became a mom. Her blog is an excellent stop for the true story of a 30 something undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy.
  7. My Postpartum Voice: This blog is full of various stories, resources, and insights for every struggling mother. Lauren Hale specializes in sharing stories of PPD and reaching out to others. Be sure not to miss the 21 Day Self Care Challenge.
  8. Pretty Swell: Suzanne thought her brain would leave her body after having her first child. With help from family, friends, and medical professionals, she began treatment for PPD and considers herself very lucky. With another child on the way, see how she is doing with a read.
  9. Postpartum Recovery: This is the official blog of the Bloomington Area Birth Services. Their goal is to educate, support, and empower pregnant women, new mothers, and their families as they make informed decisions throughout the childbearing year and early parenting. Categories range from behavior to product reviews.

Medical Blogs to Prepare for Baby’s First Year

  1. Laughing Doc & Doctor Mom Tips: Laurie Marbas is a family medicine doctor who has published seven medical related books. She includes thoughts, opinions, and advice from a doctor who loves to laugh. Blog entries include offering such as “5 Things to Know About the Flu” and “Kids Aren’t the Only Ones Who Need a Well Check.”
  2. Mothers in Medicine: Stop at this site for a group blog by physician-mothers writing about the unique challenges and joys of tending to two distinct patient populations. With everyone from neurologists to pediatricians chiming in, the blog covers many aspects of medicine. Recent posts are on dating and breast pumps.
  3. Dr. Smak: Visit here for the blog of a family doctor and mother of three who is relearning life. She also shares on the loss of Henry and what life is like without him.
  4. Doctor Mama: This blogger is a physician, mother, and wife. Her blog is full of true stories from both her work and home. With entries dating back to 2005, make time for this one.
  5. Margit Crane: If your child has ADD, stop here. She offers all sorts of solutions for parents of distracted kids. With a philosophy that challenges are gifts that need help being opened, the blog is a good stop for any expectant parent.
  6. A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor: Fizzy is a physician who is coming to the end of a grueling medical training. Lessons from someone “with absolutely no artistic talent” more than make up for the crude drawings. Good for a look at what actually goes on when patients aren’t listening.
  7. Notes of an Anethesioboist: She is a cross between an anesthesiologist and lover of the oboe. Also a wife and mother, she does loads of pondering on the blog. Other topics include reading, cooking, music, and more.
  8. Ob/Gyn Kenobi: Dr. Whoo does play a doctor in real life, but changes all names, dates, etc. However, the blog remains a real choice for those interested in hearing things from an OB/GYN point of view. The latest was on office do’s and don’ts.
  9. At Your Cervix: A leading blog in both name and content, AYC works in the labor and delivery unit of a major teaching hospital. True life birth and baby stories are often shared.
  10. Fresh MD: Get both medical and domestic progress notes from this blog. Topics taken on include medicine, parenting, domesticity, and more. She is also pregnant and discusses further.

Baby Blogs to Prepare for Your Baby’s First Year

  1. Binky Blogs: Get a baby blog round up with a visit here. There are loads of videos and even a section on how to have a great baby. There are also product reviews and much more.
  2. Now What Baby?: Melissa is a mother of two who loves cool products and cupcakes. Her blog is full of fabulous finds for new moms. You can even submit your own questions to her.
  3. The Baby Tips Blog: Stop here for a blog that delivers just what the title promises. Everything from before birth to resources for new parents is included. Recent topics include body after baby, breakfast, and bonding.
  4. Baby Chic 101: If you can’t stand the thought of your child wearing only a diaper, stop here. The blog features the best in baby fashion, gear, furniture, toys, and more. There are also tools for similar items in maternity.
  5. My Mommy Manual: These bloggers admit that they are the first not to carry the exact same manual. However, they believe that each mother should write her own and not do it alone. Use this blog to help you write your very own manual and get tips such as yoga parenting and how to help a baby sleep.
  6. Backpacking Dad: Proving that it isn’t all about the moms, this dad blogger combines the backpack and the kid into one neat tool and blog. Shaun Burns lives in San Francisco and shares stories on mostly family with the occasional hiking story thrown in. Pictures, barbeques, blogging, and much more is all shared.