Nursing in a Nutshell

I’m sitting here, smacking my head.

I just read a perfect example of what is wrong with my profession.

Nursing suffers from “not in my backyard syndrome”, or “NIMBYS.”

NIMBYS is manifested by the verbal agreement of the need for a single entry level into practice, namely a BSN,  while simultaneously blocking attempts to facilitate that transition when it affects your “backyard.”

Check this out.

In Michigan, there is a move to allow community colleges the ability to offer bachelor’s degrees in nursing. A bill has been passed by the House, hearings have been held in the senate, and it and is being considered by the Education Committee.

According to this article, Bill in works to let Michigan’s community colleges offer 4-year degrees in nursing, other fields,  it is difficult for students to obtain their BSN in Michigan.

Either the universities don’t have enough space for all the qualified applicants, or they have stopped accepting transfer students, or students do not have access to the universities because they live rurally.

Making it even more difficult, facilities are starting to accept only BSN students for clinicals.

And, of course, it’s cheaper to attend a community college than it is a state university, so that would be a huge benefit.

Allowing community colleges to run a four year nursing program and grant BSNs would go a long way toward helping alleviate those issues.

Guess who is fighting it?

Yep, the state’s 15 public universities, who are afraid letting the community colleges offer the 4 year degree will siphon off their resources. Oh, excuse me, that would be “draining dollars from the state.”

One university president “has concerns about the resources community colleges have to support nursing programs and to pass stringent accreditation standards.” Well, if they don’t have the resources, then they don’t pass those stringent accreditation standards and they don’t get accredited.


Am I missing something here?

And one of the quotes is from a senior nursing student who says that her university’s nursing program, “… is based on a sound foundation of liberal arts, which supports lifelong learning, as well as the importance of scholarly endeavors for extending the existing body of nursing knowledge…”

How can anyone say that a bachelor’s degree program at a community college won’t be based on that very foundation?

She then goes on to insinuate the community colleges are doing it for the money.


You have those willing to try a plan that would help ease the nursing shortage, facilitate the earning of BSNs in the state and help students become RNs without going into massive debt.

Then you have those who are afraid it will take what they have and so before it even is fully approved they cast aspersions on the integrity of the program and the motivation of those who would dare to suggest it.

My friends, I give you: nursing in a nutshell.

Read the article. Is it just me? Am I reading too much into it?


But maybe, just maybe, this is why we are still discussing the BSN as the entry level after 60 years.