Finding Your Place in Nursing

One of the things I find so wonderful about nursing is that there are so many different types of nursing and so many different ways to be a nurse. I started out in psychiatric nursing, then moved into public health nursing and eventually into case management. I didn’t even know about the field of case […]

Is the Nursing Shortage a Myth?

There is much talk about there being a nursing shortage or that a shortage of nurses is looming on the horizon? Is this fact or a myth? Is the job market drying up in hospital nursing? For decades, nursing was seen as a safe bet for steady pay with plentiful openings, often seen as immune […]

Nurse Leaders: Step Up

Congratulations to the graduating nursing classes of 2012! I wondered what the job market would be like for my new colleagues, so I started looking at the openings for registered nurses on the west coast. Three metropolitan areas: Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. There are a lot of nurses needed! Emergency, labor and delivery, peri-operative, […]

Graduation, the Beginning of Education

Congratulations! You did it! Classes, caffeine-riddled nights of cramming for exams, and clinical rotations are a thing of the past. That BSN is firmly in your grasp. As you stand on the threshold of your nursing career, the NCLEX before you, pondering the job situation for nursing graduates, the last thing on your mind is […]

Speaking Words of Wisdom…

I love this quote. “Knowledge can be communicated, but wisdom cannot. A man can find it, he can live it, he can be filled and sustained by it, but he cannot utter or teach it.” –Hermann Hesse, German-Swiss writer and poet It’s the perfect description of nursing education. It’s the perfect description of nursing.

3 Bad Habits Nursing Students Should Break

Ah, nursing school. So much studying. The harder you work, the more there is to know. Let’s be honest. Nursing is the hardest job you will ever love, and getting there is no cake walk.  Trying to accomplish everything isn’t easy; sometimes a bad habit or two makes its way into the picture. Here are […]

Just Between You and Me…

I’ve decided to rely on the kindness of strangers. (Although, if you are reading this blog, you really aren’t a stranger.) I blog about nursing, both here and on my personal blog. I’m never at a loss for topics; nursing always seems to supply me with new writing territories. Here at Masters in, I […]

Nursing Education – A Global Issue

The nursing blogosphere brings nurses from all corners of the globe together. And what do nurses do when they get together? They share stories. Through these stories we realize that we share the same concerns, the same issues… …the same shortage? Make that “Shortage” with a capital “S”. It’s global.

Perpetual Student?

There is no role option for “perpetual student”. This was an observation of a colleague in response to my musings on the apparent lack of an  advanced education path specifically for the generalist nurse. Her suggestion was to choose a role option that would give you the knowledge and skills closest to what you personally […]

What About the Rest of Us?

When in doubt, go to the source. Everyone is talking about the IOM/RWJF Future of Nursing (FON) report. Has anyone actually read it? I just downloaded it as a PDF and opened it on my iPad – 702 pages. Whoa. The things I do for my profession, seriously.