Are You At Risk To Have A Medical Assistant Take Your Job?

Trends seem to come and go. I remember a trend to in the early 1990s in Minnesota to cross-train non-nursing personnel to do nursing functions. These non-nursing personnel doing nursing work included janitors, housekeepers, transport workers, and security guards. So don’t think that it can’t happen in your hospital.

Importance of RNs in Care Coordination of Older Patients

Registered nurses will play an important role in nursing in the future. Registered nurses will not only be involved in bedside nurses but will play a critical role in coordinating care for patients. As patients age their need for care coordination increases. When I was first involved in case management around 1985 very few nurses […]

What Was It Like In The ER at Orlando Regional Medical Center

Today I cannot help but reflect on what has now been called “the worst mass shooing in US history and the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil since September 11, 2001.” This attack took place in the early morning hours yesterday, Sunday June 12, 2016. I know that many people are thinking and praying for […]

Don’t Delay Going To College

Have you been thinking about going back to school to further your nursing education? Have you thought that you might postpone this step until a later date? You may not have considered all the possible ramifications of delaying furthering your education. This article may give you some ideas as to the additional factors you should […]

Is the Nursing Shortage a Myth?

There is much talk about there being a nursing shortage or that a shortage of nurses is looming on the horizon? Is this fact or a myth? Is the job market drying up in hospital nursing? For decades, nursing was seen as a safe bet for steady pay with plentiful openings, often seen as immune […]

What Is The Best Educational Preparation For An RN?

Well, that depends. Interestingly, there are 3 tradition ways to become a registered nurse. Which path you take depends on a number of variables. Your decision will likely be influenced by your location, your willingness to move, your financial resources, and your career aspirations. The duration of the program may also impact your decision. The […]

Is Nursing Still A Good Career Choice?

When I was in high school there weren’t many professional career choices for women. So I went into nursing partly out of desire and partly out of default. Now, there are many more professional careers for women. So why would a man or woman choose to become a nurse now?

Nurse Leaders: Step Up

Congratulations to the graduating nursing classes of 2012! I wondered what the job market would be like for my new colleagues, so I started looking at the openings for registered nurses on the west coast. Three metropolitan areas: Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. There are a lot of nurses needed! Emergency, labor and delivery, peri-operative, […]

Talking MSN with Jennifer Scott: FNP Practice

When looking at the commitment involved in earning an MSN, it’s nice to talk to nurses who have “been there, done that.” Part two of my interview with family nurse practitioner Jennifer Scott looks at her practice, the impact of health care reform and her views on the DNP for advanced practice nursing. You can […]

Talking MSN with Jennifer Scott: What You Need To Know

It’s time for another edition of “Talking MSN”! This time, we’re talking with fellow blogger and family nurse practitioner Jennifer Scott. Jennifer blogs about her life as a family nurse practitioner at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place. Today, she provides primary care in a rural health clinic. In Part One of our interview, I asked Jennifer […]