Talking MSN with Jennifer Scott: What You Need To Know

It’s time for another edition of “Talking MSN”! This time, we’re talking with fellow blogger and family nurse practitioner Jennifer Scott. Jennifer blogs about her life as a family nurse practitioner at The Nurse Practitioner’s Place. Today, she provides primary care in a rural health clinic. In Part One of our interview, I asked Jennifer […]

3 Bad Habits Nursing Students Should Break

Ah, nursing school. So much studying. The harder you work, the more there is to know. Let’s be honest. Nursing is the hardest job you will ever love, and getting there is no cake walk.  Trying to accomplish everything isn’t easy; sometimes a bad habit or two makes its way into the picture. Here are […]

Talking MSN: Sean Dent

I have to be honest. Sometimes I’m on the fence. I know I want my MSN, but if I stop and think about it for too long, I can almost talk myself out of it. The time. The money. The work. This negative little voice starts percolating in my ear. If I had listened to […]

I’ll Take Nursing Accreditation, Thank You

We can be so picky these days!Don’t fancy any graduate nursing programs in your area? Enroll in a program at the other end of the state! Forget that, enroll across the country! Never leave your couch! With the Internet, the world is your educational oyster. But…how can you evaluate the quality of an MSN program […]

The Revolution Has Been Digitized

Have you gone searching the Internet for one piece of information, only to find yourself intrigued by another piece of information? Then, following that link you found yourself curious about something that led you to yet another website? People call that “getting distracted.” I call it curiosity. It’s truly miraculous, this world, this universe of […]