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MastersInNursing.com offers helpful information about nursing while also connecting prospective students with colleges and universities. For RNs who already work in the field, an MSN is required to become a nurse practitioner or an advanced practice nurse. Our mission is to help current nurses reach their educational and career goals.

This website was created as a guide to aid potential nursing students in the following areas: questions about degree differences and specifications; finding a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate list of schools; and locating a reliable page full of links that are continuously monitored for current school/degree changes. Existing lists on the internet were not comprehensive, easy to find, and many sites had outdated information and links. Much undertaking is made to keep this site both accurate and unbiased; however, there is always room for enhancement and improvement. Any suggestions are always welcome and appreciated in making this site more useful, exact, or complete.

Our extensive research resulted in a list of highly-ranked schools and degree programs that offer a variety of options for nursing students. You can search our list to find valuable information and links to free brochures and other admissions-related materials. Alternatively, use the search tools to locate a school that offers a specific program or area of study.

There are currently 550+ Nursing Schools listed on the home page. You can easily search, sort and filter the list to find a specific program or area study that you are looking for. You can select to view just the Online, Campus or Hybrid programs.  You can also select a specific US State to narrow your search.

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Contributing Bloggers include:

LeaRae Keyes, BSN, RN, PHN, CCM

LeaRae Keyes, BSN, RN, PHN, CCM has been a case manager for over 25 years. Her background also includes a number of years in sales and being the branch manager of a home care company with over 100 employees.

She started her own business as an independent case manager in 1998. About 10 years ago she created the Nurse Entrepreneur Network to help nurses start and grow their own businesses. Ms. Keyes believes that nursing offers such diversity that every nurse should be able to find what truly excites their spirit.

You can follow LeaRae Keyes, BSN, RN, PHN, CCM at: Twitter



Kim McAllister, RN, BSN, CEN, ER Nurse

Kim McAllister is an RN, BSN, CEN, and an ER nurse in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s been a nurse for 32 years, having graduated with her ADN in 1978. She spent the last three decades working in CCU, ICU, and ER with a side of psychiatry and pediatrics. In 2010, she earned her BSN through the online University of Wisconsin – Green Bay BSN/LINC program and she considers it the best decision she ever made for her career.

You can read more about Kim on Twitter

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