Do Patients Really Want to Be Empowered?

Do patients want to be empowered? What is patient empowerment anyway? If you ask a variety of health care professional and patients “What is patient empowerment?” I am sure you will receive a multitude of responses. These responses could range from the patient asking questions about a variety of treatment options and asking about the […]

Multi-tasking: Don’t Do It

As nurses we have prided ourselves on how well we multi-task. In many ways it is a necessary part of our job. Whether we are providing patient care, case managing, triaging, or doing some other type of nursing care we ultimately have to multi-task at some time. We all do it. Most of us can […]

It’s The Little Things

As I look back on my many years of nursing it is often the little things I remember and hold dear. I can of course think of some of the big things when I know my nursing skills had a profound effect on someone life or their survival. However, the little things are what makes […]

Finding Your Place in Nursing

One of the things I find so wonderful about nursing is that there are so many different types of nursing and so many different ways to be a nurse. I started out in psychiatric nursing, then moved into public health nursing and eventually into case management. I didn’t even know about the field of case […]

Do You Ever Stop Being a Nurse?

I recently heard someone say, “I once was a nurse, but I’m retired now, so I’m not a nurse anymore”. I was a bit surprised by this. I can understand being retired and not renewing your nursing license. However, I find it difficult to think of myself as ever saying I’m not a nurse anymore.  […]

Spring Is a Great Time for Renewal

After what can seem like endless, cold, bleak days of winter, the longer days of sunlight during the spring are a great time for rejuvenation. Spring can feel so fresh and vibrant as we emerge from winter. By the time we get to the end of winter which can begin to feel a bit too […]

Do You Miss Nursing Uniforms?

Do you miss the days of starched white uniforms and starched white nursing caps? Do you think nurses are more professional when they are dressed in all white? Do you think the public saw nurses differently when we wore nursing uniforms? I certainly did not like my student nurse uniform. I thought it was very […]

Somethings Just Aren’t Intuitive

We think that things should make sense, but there are times when they seem like they just don’t make sense. I am sure you have heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” You might even wonder how that is possible. One way this is possible is to step back and look at the big picture. […]

Is It Important To Be Perfect To Be A Nurse?

Many nurses I know are perfectionist. Every detail matters and they generally get every detail correct. They ask themselves “Did I forget anything?” “Did I do that correctly?” “Did I make a mistake?”