The Importance of the Palliative Care Nurse

I have been thinking about the concept of palliative care and the role of the nurse in palliative care lately. During this past month Barbara Bush, the United States former first lady passed away. In her final days she decided not to seek further medical treatment and to receive “comfort care.” “Comfort care” is a […]

How do you feel about hugging patients?

I hadn’t given much thought to this question. However, in the shadow of #METOO I am hearing more and more discussions about health providers hugging patients. I am also seeing more being written on this topic then I have ever seen written before. Should nurses hug their patients? Some might think this should be an […]

Nurses and Guns

It is hard to believe that it is February 2018 and the United States has experienced another tragic mass shooting at a school. In Parkland, Florida a 19 year old former student fired off 100 shots in less than 5 minutes. He killed 17 including students and teachers and injuring many more. This South Florida […]

#METOO in Nursing

Sexual harassment is pervasive in nursing. Many nurses have been subjected to sexual harassment and sexual assault throughout their careers. However, there has been very little these nursing can do short of leaving their jobs or even their career. We need to change this! As nurses it is up to us to end this abuse. […]

Elder Care in the Future

What do you think the future will be like for the elderly? Are you worried about becoming disabled or finding yourself with a terminal condition? Do you feel that this is the wrong time to be part of the aging population or having a relative that is aging and will soon be in need of […]

Do You Think Resilience is Important in Nursing?

I have been thinking a great deal about resilience lately. Living in Rockport, Texas where Hurricane Harvey made landfall I have been able to observe a variety of people and have seen the way the hurricane has affected their lives. Some have been able to “weather the storm” while others have been unable to pull […]

Do Patients Really Want to Be Empowered?

Do patients want to be empowered? What is patient empowerment anyway? If you ask a variety of health care professional and patients “What is patient empowerment?” I am sure you will receive a multitude of responses. These responses could range from the patient asking questions about a variety of treatment options and asking about the […]

Multi-tasking: Don’t Do It

As nurses we have prided ourselves on how well we multi-task. In many ways it is a necessary part of our job. Whether we are providing patient care, case managing, triaging, or doing some other type of nursing care we ultimately have to multi-task at some time. We all do it. Most of us can […]

It’s The Little Things

As I look back on my many years of nursing it is often the little things I remember and hold dear. I can of course think of some of the big things when I know my nursing skills had a profound effect on someone life or their survival. However, the little things are what makes […]

Finding Your Place in Nursing

One of the things I find so wonderful about nursing is that there are so many different types of nursing and so many different ways to be a nurse. I started out in psychiatric nursing, then moved into public health nursing and eventually into case management. I didn’t even know about the field of case […]